Is This Class For You?

This class is for braiders that are interested or experienced in the Knotless Braiding Technique who are looking to sharpen their skills and take their work to the next level. When I first started doing knotless braids it took me on average 5 hours to finish 1 client. Using the technique you will learn has helped me decrease my braiding time to roughly 3 hours which now gives me time to earn more money. This course will teach you how to maximize your time and finish strong. If any of the following apply to you click “Get started now”!

  • I am looking to finish knotless braids faster while consistently providing quality work to my clients.

  • I am servicing clients often but I don’t feel like I’m charging the right amount of money for time and talent.

  • I’m new to learning the Knotless Braiding Technique and I want to learn the skills and start my business for this service the right way.

  • I want to learn what tools and products give the best results, how to use them, and where to get them.

Bonus material

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  • Bonus material

    Not only will I show you how to increase your speed in completing knotless braids, you also receive a business course that shows how to boss up using branding, marketing, pricing, and much more. This business course alone is worth $397 and has been included today as a bonus in this class at no additional cost to you.

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I’m sharing the secrets of how to increase your speed of knotless braids and ultimately make more money. Use this information to start earning right away.

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CEO of Boss Up Braiding

Shay the Stylist

Shay has specialized in Braiding of all kinds for 22 years. She has extensive training from Career Training Institute for Cosmetology and has earned several advanced technique certification in various types of hair styles. She is the CEO of Boss Up Braiding classes which empowers and equips braiders take control of their business and increase their earning potential. She has successful taught stylist to take charge of their business and earn what they are worth. She is excited to help you do the same.